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pasumpahan Island

Pasumpahan is one of the favorite islands among some islands is front of Bunguih Village. Early in the morning is a perfect time to have a trip to Pasumpahan Island. Depert from Padang city, visitor will transfer to Bunguih Beach and will tranfer to Bunguih Beach and will passing Teluk Bayur Harbor, Climb up the ‘Bukik Lampu’ with a Big Tanker and picturesque Indian Ocean , some Island from the Top of the hills.

From private wooden pier in Bungus Bay, visitor will get on local wooden speetboat it is about 45 minutes distance to Pasumpahan Island. In Pasumpahan Island before snorkeling start for warming up on the beach, visitor will see corals and fish around while snorkeling. Other activities visitor can do such as sun bathing, volley or football on the beach, fishing, walking around Island